Welcome to the Garden Shed at Groves Farm

We are a family, living on and loving this old family property we found a few years ago in Geauga County, Ohio. We were looking to find a home that allowed us to enjoy all of the wonders of Northeast Ohio - the changes of the seasons, the trees, the wildlife, and the beautiful Aurora Branch of the Chagrin River. We happened upon this old property, with its century-old barn that dates back in history to at least 1850. The family that owned this property still live in the area and like us, treasure the wonders of all that the beautiful land of Northeast Ohio has to offer.

We have always enjoyed rural living and we wanted to make the most of our new home in as many ways as we could. We moved here with two cats, Auggie and Oliver and they absolutely loved having the freedom to explore the barn and woods and the river and all that goes along with it.

Our very first spring we added to our family with six baby chicks that we were so excited to watch grow and bond with us. For anyone who knows anyone with chickens, there is a phenomenon known as “chicken math”...basically one chicken turns into many chickens and our flock of six has grown to the size of between 20 and 30 chickens, mostly girls and one rooster named Bernard. Bernard is an excellent rooster and protector for his girls and does his job well, taking it very seriously. Our girls are happy girls and free range all day - every day and in return provide us with yummy, delicious farm fresh eggs, which we in turn have for sale for all of you to enjoy!

A few years ago we decided to expand our farm family and so we now have two honey bee hives on our property. Our honey bees are hard-working and provide themselves and us with lots of yummy honey and again, we in turn have honey for sale for all of you to enjoy!

In addition to the chickens and the honey bees and the eggs and honey that we sell, we also have a love of things of old...and things that are made with love and have a story to share. We are lovers of antiques and decided to open up an antique store here on our property back in 2020 to allow us to share our lovely and unique treasures/finds with all of you. In addition to antiques, primitives, and folk art, we also sell hand-crafted items from local artisans, including but not limited to delicious-smelling soaps, jewelry, pottery, stained glass, iron works, folk art signs and photographs of local Geauga County landscapes and points of interest...

We have two loving Barbets (French water dogs) - Milo and Egan - who absolutely LOVE the river and romping around in the woods and love on us and all who come to visit...

Auggie and Oliver have both crossed over the rainbow bridge but we’ve got three other cats, Dobbie, Sophie Claire and Hunter - all three keep us laughing with their catlike antics around the farm!

We strive to be as natural and as kind as we can to Mother Earth and all those we share this great big planet we call home. Therefore we do not use herbicides or pesticides and use as many all-natural products as we can to manage our animals, our plants, our household, and us as well! We hope to leave this planet better than we found it and we work hard at this every single day...

We hope to be able to share all that we have to offer with you...we welcome you to our farm and hope that you enjoy it every bit as much as we do! Come and visit with us, shop our antique store, walk the property and the beautiful Chagrin River, and go home with many wonderful memories, along with some farm fresh eggs and delicious local honey!